Our Services

Human Ressources

Thanks to our long term experience with freelancers as well as employees we can offer you support for the recruitment of specialists in the areas of Concept Generation, Design Development, Visualization and Prototyping.

Trade fairs and events

We will take over all the organizational side of the event or trade fair. 3D Models of the booth will help to bring it to life just the way you imagined. We will accompany you along the way with a specially formed project team who will be always available to see that your needs and requirements are met. And if you are looking for reliable trade fair partners for any cooperation we will provide you the best contacts to rock the show.


Virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) are exciting technologies at an early stage of development. We are looking forward to provide support and consulting to businesses which want to apply these technologies in new and untested areas across the themes of engineering, music, retail, healthcare, education, construction and tactical technology.

3D Animation

3D animations are bringing your ideas and imaginations to life. And that’s exactly what we are offering. We ignite your imagination and make your dreams come true. Our team is a mix of young and experienced professionals from all over the world and with all of our combined skills we are offering you the best high-end quality you can get.


You have a drawing or a draft of your future product but not enough money to produce an prototype? We will create you an 3d Model of it. You will be able to see and show your future product or concept as a photorealistic image or present it plastically. It is way more easy to provide something never has been seen before to an investor or potential partner in this way. And if this is not enough we are also able to deliver an functional 3D printed model of your product as well.


We are very experienced with publishers, agencies and even the enterprise market in general all over the world. Defining a CGI project is not an easy thing to do. Talk to us and we can help you better understand your case and provide new insight. You will be fascinated by the options you have in the CGI area and industry. Be sure that along with our local partners we have quite a bit of experience to share with you.